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The Video For “Memories”

Directed by Rik Cordero. Salaam Remi on the beat.



Rik Cordero of Three/21 Films Interviewed

Rik is extremely talented director who has directed almost all of Joell’s music videos, including “Brooklyn Bullshit”, “Ups And Downs” and “Memories”. He was interviewed at Musical Essence and we’re reprinting it here. (EDIT: My mistake, I assumed Rik directed “Good Times” but it was actually Carl Allegard’s work. My bad, man, thanks for correcting me.)

Read the whole interview after the jump.

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Good Times – Video

Someone mentioned that this song reminded them of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime”. And I definitely get that vibe from it. It’s the summer for a little while longer, go out and enjoy it.

And while I’m at it…


Smif-N-Wessun – Stomp ft.Rock & Joell Ortiz

This is a year old but this shit still knocks.


Memories / Letter To Obama (ft.Dante Hawkins)

Both songs off Free Agent. Y’all know who hip-hop supports.


Joell Freestyles On DJ MK’s Radio Show

Last March I had the opportunity to travel to London to rock.
I love London! The girls, The clothes, The Real HipHop Fans that aren’t
trying to battle you, the respect for art and music. Most importantly, If
you don’t stunt they don’t stunt. My kind of town.
Here is some footage of me rocking on my dude, DJ MK’s show on Kiss.
By the way, my dude Semtex from BBC 1xtra will be featured on my new album,
FREE AGENT, very creativly. We make art.


Joell’s Cameo In The New LL Vid

LL Cool J ft. The Dream – My Baby

A few weeks ago Dennis got a call from someone at Violator telling him that
LL wanted me to do a cameo in the video for his single, my baby.
To say that call caught us off guard would be a huge understatement.
I didn’t think LL knew who I was.  Long story short, after making a few
calls to make sure it wasn’t a prank by one of the assholes we hang out with
Mike and I drove downtown to a club in the meatpacking district (pause).
When I got there LL and his manager Claudine Joseph showed me mad love.
It was dope cause LL saw me from across the room and came over and dapped me
crazy so all the the video girls was like, “who dat?” Gotta Love it!
Anyway, check my cameo at 1:31.  Its wild short but it’s me, BITCHES!