DJ G Spot – Carry The Torch 2 Mixtape ft.Termanology & Joell Ortiz

All those heads calling for a Joell/Term teamup can bump this until the collabo happens. Stay tuned. Props to Rock The Dub to hipping me to this.

01. Termanology / Carry The Torch Intro
02. Termanology feat Bun B – How We Rock
03. Termanology feat Lil Fame & Easy Money – Welcome To The Machine
04. Termanology – Talking To God
05. Termanology feat Reks & Krumb Snatcha – Big Dreamers
06. Termanology feat Cassidy & Saigon – To The Top
07. Termanology feat Jon Hope – Blue Devils
08. Termanology feat Ras Kass, Doo Wop & DV Alias Khryst – On The Corner
09. Termanology – Has It Ever Occurred
10. Termanology – Takin Pictures
11. Termanology feat Nyce – Young Gunnaz
12. Termanology feat Lil Fame – Squeeze That Rachet
13. Termanology Interlude
14. Joell Ortiz – Good Times
15. Joell Ortiz – Summertime In Brooklyn
16. Joell Ortiz – 50 Shots
17. Joell Ortiz – Letter To Obama
18. Joell Ortiz – Hip Hop
19. Joell Ortiz – Hey Premier
20. Joell Ortiz – Memories
21. Joell Ortiz – Keep On Callin’
22. Joell Ortiz – Block Royal
23. Joell Ortiz feat Q Da Kid – Brooklyn Bangaz
24. Joell Ortiz feat Novel – Duffle Bag Boy
25. Joell Ortiz – Buss It Baby
26. Termanology Outro
27. Carry The Torch Outro



7 Responses to “DJ G Spot – Carry The Torch 2 Mixtape ft.Termanology & Joell Ortiz”

  1. August 13, 2008 at 6:55 pm

    What up Joell.
    What up Khal.

  2. August 13, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    wow! such an honor to even be mentioned on the blog by one of the game’s illest right now. g-spot is dope, this tape is dope, joell is doing the damn thing, as is term. you guys need to hook up on an official joint forreal!

  3. August 13, 2008 at 7:58 pm

    Ya should post my Mixtape there too.

    I did a joell joint.

    “Before The AfterMath”.

    More than just a tape. Concept and meaning to it.

    For more info or download, go to http://www.DJLaser.BlogSpot.Com

    And to listen or download the mixtape visit DatPiff.Com

    Its getting good reviews, and being listened too a lot.

    Check it out. If not, its cool.

  4. 4 Jay
    August 13, 2008 at 8:29 pm

    I’ve heard all the tracks but I’ll still get it.

  5. August 13, 2008 at 10:41 pm

    Any chance you could put this up on something other than ZShare? For some reason my computer hates that site and gets locked in a loop without actually downloading anything,,, frustrating as hell. All the other sites are fine… bigTUNES always though fellas, keep up the good work.

  6. August 14, 2008 at 9:44 am

    thanks for the love joell. lets def holla

  7. August 14, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    Check the tags, guys. Whatever name the post is tagged with wrote the post. This one is me.
    But Joell definitely still reads your comments. Thanks for checking the site, y’all.

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