Termanology ft. Sheek Louch, Joell Ortiz, Bun B, Saigon & Freeway – Say It

Via Nah Right

Off Termanology’s J Dilla tribute mixtape, If Heaven Was A Mile Away. Look at that lineup.

More posts by Joell himself are on their way. Thanks for reading.

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Welcome To The Slaughterhouse

and Crooked I, Nino Bless and Royce Da 5’9….DAMN.

Produced by Scram Jones. Let’s spit along with Joell, kids!

I define gutter, every time I rhyme I climb up another notch
Hip hop got my spine smothered
But I’ll be fine brother
My mind hovers above all you jive suckers
Listen, that’s word to my mother
You throw a shot at me
I’m throwing a shot back
Your’s is on a joint
Mine’s whistling by your top hat
Ya I’m cool but you violate and I’ll cock back
Open the mac’s mouth and black out like I do not rap
I’m sick and tired of niggas lyin’
They fifth is lyin’ in they second drawer
Next door to some bullshit they ironed
y’all be makin’ up stories that them little kids be buyin’
I do everything my Penn State like a Nittany lion
I ain’t gotta mention the streets on this song
To get in a nigga ass on these beats like a thong, pause
Veterans co-sign me, the up and coming scared
The pretty girls go “Papi here’s my underwear”
Never in a hundred years I thought I’d be a rapper
But in less than a hundred bars I knew I’d be a factor
I’m PS4 in HD and the screen is plasma
You’re Atari 2600 with a weak adapter
Between us the gap’s so crazy
I’m Gucci, Louis V, you’re Gap, Old Navy
I get coochie in the V, you attract no ladies
You’re suburb, I’m gutter where it make cats go crazy

You can read the lyrics for the rest of the verses here, courtesy of 2dopeboyz.


Does this meet some of your requests?


The Video For “Memories”

Directed by Rik Cordero. Salaam Remi on the beat.



Another Vintage Joell Interview

This one is from 2007, at another site I write for (now), Metal Lungies. My boy DJ01 did the interview, there’s some funny shit about Joell’s favorite karaoke tune in here

MetalLungies: What’s going on, man?

Joell Ortiz: I’m chilling, man. You chilling today, you good?

ML: Yeah, yeah, I’m good.

JO: All right.

ML: The first thing I want to ask you is, for those that don’t know, for those that have been sleeping, tell them, who is Joell Ortiz?

JO: Man, Joell Ortiz is a Puerto Rican dude from in front of a corner store in Brooklyn that just been grinding and doing everything it takes to be a rapper, from dropping his first twelve inch on Rawkus Records in 1999, being Source Unsigned Hype, XXL Chairman’s Choice because of his shows, and being Live ‘05 freestyle battle winner. I’ve done songs with Kool G Rap, KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, the OGs co-sign me.. I rapped live on Stretch Armstrong’s show in ‘98 as a kid, so I’ve pretty much been in rap for the last ten years.

ML: All right, all right. When did you start rhyming, and when did you decide to make a career out of it?

JO: I started rhyming about 1991 as a kid, when I first came out my project building and seen what a cipher looked like, and how much love you got to make two words rhyme at the end of a sentence, that’s when I first started rhyming. I made it serious in about ‘97 when my boy Dennis put me in the studio and I listened to myself over a beat and that was pretty much it for me, I said this is what I’m gonna do.

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Exclusive Content Pt. 1 (Nah Right Freestyle)

Shouts to Eskay for making it happen! Over Nas’ “Queens Get The Money”.

Joell Ortiz – Exclusive Content Pt. 1 (Nah Right Freestyle)



A Little Clarification

To everyone reading this blog,

I wanted to clear something up: Joell Ortiz’s blog is not written only by Joell. This blog has several writers. We’ve always been up front about it. I see people linking to posts I wrote or Greg Cee wrote, acting like Joell wrote whatever post they linked to even though he didn’t. I’m not mad, I just want to clarify something.

Joell has a team of bloggers, which includes Dallas Penn, Greg Cee, Joell’s manager, Mike Heron, and myself, AaronM. Each post has tags indicating which person authored the post. If I wrote it, next to the text that reads ‘tags’, it’ll say ‘aaron’. If Dallas wrote it, that text will read ‘dallas’. If Joell wrote it, it’ll say ‘joell’ and/or ‘ortiz’. Etc etc.

But just in case there’s any more confusion, I’ll append my name to any posts written by me. Sorry if anyone was confused about this. By all means, feel free to still address your comments to Joell. It is his site, and he does read them. Stay tuned.



DJ G Spot – Carry The Torch 2 Mixtape ft.Termanology & Joell Ortiz

All those heads calling for a Joell/Term teamup can bump this until the collabo happens. Stay tuned. Props to Rock The Dub to hipping me to this.

01. Termanology / Carry The Torch Intro
02. Termanology feat Bun B – How We Rock
03. Termanology feat Lil Fame & Easy Money – Welcome To The Machine
04. Termanology – Talking To God
05. Termanology feat Reks & Krumb Snatcha – Big Dreamers
06. Termanology feat Cassidy & Saigon – To The Top
07. Termanology feat Jon Hope – Blue Devils
08. Termanology feat Ras Kass, Doo Wop & DV Alias Khryst – On The Corner
09. Termanology – Has It Ever Occurred
10. Termanology – Takin Pictures
11. Termanology feat Nyce – Young Gunnaz
12. Termanology feat Lil Fame – Squeeze That Rachet
13. Termanology Interlude
14. Joell Ortiz – Good Times
15. Joell Ortiz – Summertime In Brooklyn
16. Joell Ortiz – 50 Shots
17. Joell Ortiz – Letter To Obama
18. Joell Ortiz – Hip Hop
19. Joell Ortiz – Hey Premier
20. Joell Ortiz – Memories
21. Joell Ortiz – Keep On Callin’
22. Joell Ortiz – Block Royal
23. Joell Ortiz feat Q Da Kid – Brooklyn Bangaz
24. Joell Ortiz feat Novel – Duffle Bag Boy
25. Joell Ortiz – Buss It Baby
26. Termanology Outro
27. Carry The Torch Outro



“The Come Up Tag Execution” or How to do your big album if you a real artist or just wanna look like one on TV!

I don’t claim to be some kind of musical genius or critic extraordinaire, but my over 20 years of work in the DJ, rapper, producer, and musician field allows me to teach ya’ll illiterate motherfuckers posing as artists a thing or two about putting together your seminal album. See in this music sghit you really only got two choices if you want to be remembered for something and not for being the butt of a joke on some VH1 pop up show. Now listen carefully to these three basic rules pussies and you might actually turn out to be somebody!

Rule Numero Un: Do write about what you know and not what you think you know. – Self explanatory niggaz! There’s never a future in yo frontin’ mang!

Rule Numero Two: Take your time and do it right baby. Nothing fucks up an album more than weak mixes, tinny beats, or rushed herky jerky content. You only get to make a first impression once simpletons. It’s either you sink or swim doggy so make sure you come correct off the rip. Otherwise you get what you deserve! Rule

Nombre Trois: Just let it go. Don’t hold back now sunny, you’re there. It’s up to you. Seriously, all the preparation and long days and nights that you put into your craft have prepared you for this point. It’s up to you now. Don’t hold back and end up regretting shit. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Here are some of my favorite albums if you clowns need some references:

Street Songs – Rick James

Illmatic – Nas

Criminal Minded – BDP

Songs in the Key of Life – Stevie Wonder

Road to the Riches – Kool G. Rap & DJ Polo

Paid In Full – Eric B. & Rakim

Dah Shinin’ Smif N Wessun

Yo Bumrush the ShowPublic Enemy

Don DadaSupercat

-Greg Cee


Who would you like to see Joell collaborate with?

Producers, rappers, singers, whoever. Let us know in the comments.

Nothing is guaranteed, of course. But it would be dope to hear who you guys think Joell should work with.

Who knows, maybe he’ll get some ideas…

For me, I thought his collabo with Sheek Louch & Kool G Rap on Statik Selektah’s “Six In The Morning” was pretty damn ill.


Joell’s Concert Posters

Thought these were kinda fresh, especially the La Raza one. Any other recent ones I might have missed?

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